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Dr. Henning has provided this educational blog as a resource to our patients and the community. Our Hope at Dynamic Dental Care is that this blog will cover subjects that you and your family may be interested in.

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Make an Appointment to See Us After the Baby is Born
Posted on 3/20/2020 by Dynamic Dental Office
You've had a baby! What a wonderful and joyful time in your life. You are experiencing a new set of new things…. new experiences, new routines, pretty much new everything. So many women don't realize that being a brand-new mom puts you at a greater risk for tooth decay and your dental care during your pregnancy is vitally important, but, it is just as critical after the baby is born. What We Want Every Mom to Know about Postpartum Dental Care We know it is easy to forget your own physical health when there is so much going on with the baby to worry about – feedings, diaper changes, physical healing, keeping the baby warm, fed, happy. It can be a lot to handle. However, that old adage is true, if the baby is going to stay healthy, the mom must stay healthy as well – in body, mind, spirit. Be sure to watch what you eat as best you can, and we know it isn't easy to eat well, if at all, with a newborn. However, we ask that you try and limit your sugar intake as much as possible and eat a healthy and consistent diet as much as possible to help strengthen your teeth and gums again. We want to take just a few moments to talk to you about scheduling an appointment with us after the baby is born to keep up with your semi-annual dental appointment, so we can catch up and check up on any tooth erosion before, you might be aware of any decay, or to ask about any discomfort you might have had during your pregnancy – such as bleeding gums, or any toothaches or discomfort whatsoever. Be sure to tell us if you are nursing, as this might affect any potential tooth problems we might find. Don't worry about a sitter. Bring the baby with you, we would love to meet the new member of the family!...

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