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Root Canals
Spokane, WA

Man with tooth pain holding cheek needing a root canal by Spokane Dentist, Henning Dental Studio and Dr. Marc HenniRoot canals are a great way to save a tooth when the nerve inside the tooth is no longer healthy. The nerve in a tooth can die or become very inflamed causing pain as a result of decay (cavities), trauma, severe clenching or grinding, a tooth fracture/crack, or a history of dental work being done.

A root canal is a tedious process and involves removing the nerve and blood supply in the tooth. The canal is then disinfected and filled with a material called Gutta Percha. This procedure is usally done in one appointment but can take two in certain instances. Since the tooth no longer has its blood supply, a crown is usually recommended for teeth in the back (pre-molars and molars) or for front teeth that have had previous dental work done to them.

While the root canal has perhaps the worst reputation of all dental procedures, we make every effort to make the process as comfortable as possible. If you are having any pain or swelling, give us a call and we will be ready to help.
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